Sunday, May 1, 2011


Hello Y'all! I am feeling AMAZING as I wake up on this FIRST day of May. And I feel that I need a challenge. My comfort is the scale. It got bad for a while, and it became an obsession. I feel A LOT better about myself, and don't feel the need to step on it SO much. But, I think I want to go a MONTH without a weigh-in. You know, I went my WHOLE life not stepping on a scale unless I was at a doctor's office. (Most of that, I was preggers.) So, I have declared this NO WEIGH MAY!

I feel I will BLOG more without being able to resort to the scale next to my microwave. I am going to track my activity and my POINTS. My cousin, Sarah does Zumba. I think I might try it. She swears by it. I am not much of a dancer, but I guess I can do it before anyone wakes up to laugh at me. Well, this was just a quick check-in to let y'all know my MAY plans... Blog ya soon!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

April Slacker...

April sure was my month... My month to slack. :) Even so, my slacking was NOTHING like it used to be. I still lost a pound after not counting AT ALL. I kind of had no desire to. I know that sounds bad, but I think it is good that I want to admit that. I didn't gain any weight and that means I have made that necessary life change in how I eat. And that makes me more proud than the over 30 pounds I have managed to lose since February.

But, now it's on to my final goal of 150. I have a whole 18 pounds left to lose, and I do not feel discouraged at all because my finishing date is August 6th, 2011. So now, its on to finding more workouts that make me feel as good as the Fat Belly Workout. Maybe even look into a gym. Michael is talking about playing tennis with me. And that would make me ONE HAPPY CAMPER.

My kitchen garden is doing good. The superstars happen to be my tomatoes. And I am shocked at that. My herbs I am going to have to replant. I don't think they like their pot. LOL! But, my little garden still makes me as happy as it did on DAY ONE.

Overall, April has been a GREAT month. April has been all about cooking for me. Packing the guys in my life (Michael and Malakai) healthy lunches, and making it important for them to look at their choices. While working at a bookstore, I find myself in the diet and health section often. I will NEVER understand some of the diets out there. Here are some of my thoughts of a few:

THE MASTER CLEANSE(lemonade diet) - pure insanity. Lemon, cayenne pepper and maple syrup. And that is it! A minimum of 10 days. I watched a lady do that for 40 days, and she lost all this week and she was all excited. Seriously? Did you think you wouldn't? 1200 calories of nasty lemonade with a side of a daily laxative. (Or a quart of warm salt water) And it's HEALTHY too. Sounds nutty to me!

17 Day Diet - Sounds awesome, huh? Too bad - after you get the book and wait until 17 days before that thing you need to be "skinny" for to open the book, to find that it is 3 sets of 17. Sucks to be you! LOL

Look, if it works for you and it makes you happy, then by all means: KNOCK yourself out. But, it is really about a lifestyle change. You don't a magic pill or to remove all  but lemonade from your diet. Try thinking about healthier choices, smaller portions and GET OFF YOUR BUTT. 
These are my 3 reasons for some SERIOUS lifestyle changes... You just gotta find your reasons, and RUN WITH IT. Til next time...

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dear April...

As I stated before, April is going to be MY month. I am so excited how I am finding time (even in the form of a 10 minute workout...with my 2 year old daughter trying too) for ME. The seasons have finally changed in the GREAT STATE OF MISSISSIPPI, and the warm nights are back, which allows me to walk. (Which I adore doing) I am less than 2 pounds away from a weight I have not seen since... Dare I say, Middle school. (EKKKK!!!) My little kitchen garden is coming along nicely, and we are all QUITE excited about its progress.

This past Sunday, I was blessed to have dinner with my best friend! (Who, if I am lucky will see her every 2 years, and I have seen her twice in the last year.) Our kids got along well, and I just miss seeing her daily. But, the fact that we can maintain being best friends via email, phone, texts, good ole mail and FB - is a testament to our friendship. This was a random blog, but my thoughts are not quite in order this AM, until tomorrow...

Thursday, March 31, 2011

A bottle (or two) of Fabuloso and a sexy CLEARANCE scale from Walgreen's!

:) All the kids are sleeping, and it was still earlier enough for me to do the Fat Belly workout video! (I love that Netflix has workout videos too! I get to change it up often.) I am still new to the workouts, and do not have weights yet. BUT, when all else fails - two bottles of Fabuloso will work just the same.

And when wasting time last week (or sometime) I found a digital scale for 10 bucks! I was pretty excited because I had been going back and forth trying to decide on a digital scale. And I do have to say, it is SLIM and SEXY! And Sunday, when I stepped on it, the scale read X minus 29.4 pounds! My little kitchen garden is growing so well!

The plants make me happy, and it is SO relaxing. I love being in the kitchen, and just adding the Green Stuff to my favorite room helps me forget about baking a cake and cookies - eating the dough and licking the batter from the spoon! And Malakai LOVES our garden. He gets up each morning to check on their growth.

I am so excited that Hungry Girl's 300 under 300 just came out. The recipes ROCK, and my friend, Samantha made HG cupcakes with applesauce and Sprite Zero! Frosted with sugar free/fat free pudding mix combined with fat free/sugar free cool-whip and they were 110 calories each and DELISH!!!!
I will leave you with a photo of my first born and our Herb Garden! Until next time! My BFF, Beckie Jo will be here Sunday! Can't wait!!! Happy Eating...

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Working through some things...

Well, I believe this blog will be less about the weight loss and more about "STUFF." For those who follow, for the weight loss - it is stuck at 25 to 26. I am going to step it up a notch this upcoming week. Michael and I are going to start playing tennis and working out quite a bit. On to the stuff...
1. My little kitchen Herb garden is so exciting for me. It sprouts so quick, and that gives me such joy. I have read some Urban gardening books and blogs. Soon, I will be growing carrots in buckets, and tomatoes, etc. So much you can grow in tight spaces. And one day, when I have a big ol' backyard - I will have fruit trees, and veggies galore. But, reading about gardening, and my little window garden has helped me work through a lot of unexplainable feelings I have been experiencing.

2. My job, is one that I love intensely. Reading is my passion, and to constantly be surrounded by all types of books, it's heaven. But - with the BK and the more store closures, I just start to feel so bad for those who are losing their jobs. These people feel the same way I do. And technology is killing books. I have an E-Reader, but you better believe that it will in NO WAY replace my literature. The smell of a new book, the feel of a passed down, LOVED book - that just cannot be replaced with a file.

3. My little (or big) family of FIVE is my main focus. They are my everything. I have not had the most PICTURE PERFECT upbringing. My family was (is) not an emotional one. There were not hugs, parties or an abundance of "I LOVE YOU's." Well, in MY family - there is not a single day where a hug, kiss and an I LOVE YOU, is not exchanged. I believe that is what I have been missing. Do not get me wrong, my mom and dad love me, and I know this. It is just not the expressive type of emotion that I desire. My kids have notes in their lunch, and so does my hubby. They mean EVERYTHING to me. They are the reason I want to be healthier. I saw on the news today, a lady in Ohio (born in Mississippi) is celebrating her 119th birthday. That is amazing! Her Grandson is 60-something. I don't want to miss anything on behalf of poor choices that could have been avoided.

My kids are each other's best friends, and I am happily married to mine. :) (Cheesy, YES!)

4. Friends are important. BUT, something I have learned today - a friendship is NOT one-sided. I have seen SO many people walk out of my life because when my full effort was not being put forward, it wasn't worth it to them. I want you to know that people who I didn't expect to be so supportive, are. And those that I thought would be around FOREVER - aren't. Beckie and I stood (and are still standing) the test of BFF time. Her and I live a Bazillion miles away, and she is the BEST friend, sister, and godmother to my kids. NOTHING will hinder our friendship for each other. I love her to pieces. My family (Sarah, Lisa, Aunt Dawn) who constantly stay in touch. They are the ones who give me faith in the idea of family. And my new Mississippi family (Judy, Starlette, Stephanie, Samantha, Poppy,etc) these people have offered more of a helping hand and listening ear than anyone else that I know. I will say, that I have some Facebook friends who are my FAVORITE. Denice and Andrea are so motivating and positive, I feel blessed to know them, and call them friends. It is people like this that make the world a better place.

5. I know this has been a MUSHY GUSHY blog, but I am a truly blessed person, and I want it to be known that I am grateful. I am taking the time to admire the moon, smell the freshly cut grass, and love like I have never been hurt before. So, until next time - thank you for everything. I continue to strive to be a positive influence on my children, and on the rest of the people I encounter.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


March will be my month! My baby is offically ONE this month, and  I am back in jeans - not that final pair yet, but I am feeling better than ever. At X minus TWENTY-FIVE! Today marks the beginning of Lent, and my offical beginning of ZERO soda which should help the cause.

This past week has been an emotional overload. We lost a co-worker who has been with the store since the doors opened. A lot of different emotions surrounded that, but one thing is clear, Miss Alice will not be forgotten in our store. I am realizing that my emotions are beginning to get the best of me, and I am beginning to find healthy outlets, this is one of them. I am going to start a Kitchen Garden this upcoming week, and will post pictures and details along the way. Another one will be my walks. (Both in the form of 5k's and casual stroller walks) These last 15 pounds that I have to bid farewell to, are going to be fun for me to lose. I am loving finding NEW and IMPROVED ways to cook things. Maybe when time permits, I will share my fav's. Especially when I can begin using my kitchen-grown herbs in the meals I prepare. Until my next scatter-brained blog... Happy counting... :) \

PS- I am SUPER obsessed with Hungry Girl, and am going to meet her in Memphis in May! Yippee for me! (And Samantha)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

First Milestone cont'd...

Well, I am not sure what happened, but that post must have really wanted to post RIGHT then. Well, not much has been going on - just working and answering Borders BK related questions. Watching what I eat, and enjoying finding new things to cook and eat. Malakai made his own breakfast this morning. Cracked the eggs (then picked out the shells) Scrambled the eggs, and EVEN flipped them on the pan. He told me he wants to be a chef, and have a place called CHEF MALAKAI's. (Maybe he will come up with a more creative name before he is old enough, LOL) But, he did inform me I cannot work at CHEF MALAKAI's because I already have a job. *SAD FACE* Not much else going on. Same ol' same ol'. I have a snoring 2 year old asleep on my foot, and an 11 month old teething on my headboard. Motherhood ROCKS! Off to order some Vitatops thanks to an AWESOME offer courtesy of Hungrygirl! I heard she will be signing books, if she is near here - I WILL BE THERE. I smell a road trip! Till the next weigh-in!