Sunday, May 1, 2011


Hello Y'all! I am feeling AMAZING as I wake up on this FIRST day of May. And I feel that I need a challenge. My comfort is the scale. It got bad for a while, and it became an obsession. I feel A LOT better about myself, and don't feel the need to step on it SO much. But, I think I want to go a MONTH without a weigh-in. You know, I went my WHOLE life not stepping on a scale unless I was at a doctor's office. (Most of that, I was preggers.) So, I have declared this NO WEIGH MAY!

I feel I will BLOG more without being able to resort to the scale next to my microwave. I am going to track my activity and my POINTS. My cousin, Sarah does Zumba. I think I might try it. She swears by it. I am not much of a dancer, but I guess I can do it before anyone wakes up to laugh at me. Well, this was just a quick check-in to let y'all know my MAY plans... Blog ya soon!

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